Author: Amy B

Four Practical Things You Can Do To Pull In More Followers To Your Instagram Account

Because Instagram is all about the use of the photograph, there are two important exercises you need to follow through to help you with your Instagram presentation, making it appealing to potential followers. In exercise one, you will be removing photos. If your habits were anything like mine, this is one for which you require a little patience. If you’re anything like me, you’ve snapped hundreds of photos.

Before we carry on with this story, note exercise two. This mainly involves collected photos you’ve tagged from elsewhere. Anyway, now that you’re spending more time using your Instagram account to promote your business, you’re going to want to get rid of a lot of junk that simply clutters up the system if you will. Now, there are two further but significant exercises that demonstrate superbly how to gain followers on Instagram.

The first method is done and dusted within minutes. A few additional minutes of seeking and find on the internet if this is completely new territory for you. What you will be looking out for is a good service provider through which you can simply buy your Instagram followers. It’s an overnight process and you need not spend weeks or months building up a following to help promote your business.

Your business needs instant results in order to generate a cash flow, so this measure may prove to be fruitful. The fourth and final exercise I’m mentioning in this post is both practical and intellectual. Call it the development of your own Intellectual property if you will. Now, you might be tagging or collecting photos from elsewhere but this account is still yours. You need to get potential and future followers to see that.

They can pretty much go elsewhere and anywhere else to view the same pics you’ve stored. What you need to be spending time on is developing a style that is all of your own. Whether this is going to be your creative style or strictly a business style, or ideally, both. It’s a transformative process you’re going through in terms of developing and building your own unique brand. Of course, photos of yours truly helps too.

But do make sure that these photos are quite grand. If you’re new to the tools or your fingers and eyes are a bit rusty, it’s time to get practising. Play around as often as you like with your smart mobile. Make sure you are using the editing tools on your Instagram account extensively. And get into the habit of being an efficient administrator. Tidy drawers and a tidy office is what impresses potential clients a lot.

Your Instagram account is your office. Give it a clean and lean look. It’s an attractive investment of your time going through all these exercises I’ve just mentioned. Me? Been there, done that. Does it work? Of course, it does. I wouldn’t be telling you otherwise, now would I.

What I Did To Get More Followers On My Instagram Account

Hi, I’m just one of the millions. It could be a billion. Has that number been reached already? I’m also one of the millions that believe that sharing is caring. It’s happening a lot on social media networks these days, isn’t it? It’s one sure-fire way to gain followers on your Instagram account. There are other ways too, and I’ll get to just a few of them in a minute.

People share the happening stories of the day. Many people do it for the attention. But I sincerely believe that they also do it because they care. A roadside accident is witnessed. A lost puppy is found. The story and news gets shared. Instagram is one good way to pass on or share important messages.

It’s helpful when you consider the need to communicate effectively. Broadly speaking and even locally, not everyone speaks the same language as you do. And what is it that they say about a picture being worth a thousand words? It’s clear, it’s vivid, and everyone understands the emotions being captured at above-said roadside accident and with the long lost puppy.

This now leads me to two massively popular ways on how to get more followers on Instagram.  There is a third way, and I will get to that too. If there were any time left over, I could have mentioned a few more effective, workable ways to pull more followers onto your Instagram account. One good way to pull in the crowds is to go local. The second way is to take active part in the network’s most popular and best trending conversations for the day. And the third way? They say you can buy followers too nowadays.

Join that conversation and see how it all unfolds. This what I did to gain in popularity purely for business reasons. On the business level, needing to up my game in terms of aggressively high numbers following what I’m doing via Instagram, I bought into a service provider’s offerings to help me gain followers instantly. But before the business, I focused on the local. I learned a new trick when working with tags.

To focus on your local area, you do what they call ‘geo-tagging’. Quickest way to do that is to work with your ‘places’ tab in your selected search engine. This is good for business use too because now you get to see what locals are thinking and chatting about and you get to exploit that with your next social media marketing campaign.

Apart from the straightforward buying of your Instagram followers, there’s no overnight way to gain a massive following. It takes time to make new friends. And not everyone has the select personality to become the most popular kid on the block. But you can join the ranks of the popular by joining the crowd. You do that by simply joining the conversation and hash tagging your way to the top of the rankings.

Getting More Followers Onto Instagram Page Is A Hash But Fun Job

I like the hash. It’s good for my high-strung nerves. I have a really cool doctor who writes me a prescription and it’s off to the pharmacy I go. Of course, not all pharmacies or drug stores stock the stuff. Not all doctors are into the stuff either. So, how did I end up finding out about its availability and accessibility?

The best and most noticeable came to my attention. This was done through the creative use of the hashtag. It’s a great online tool to use to pull people closer to your work or cause.

Another key way on how to get followers on Instagram accounts is through linking. I’ve made sure of this by keeping all three of my social media accounts – Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp – closely aligned, and linked. It’s like keeping two separate bank accounts, one for personal use and the other for business purposes. But the two stay closely linked together.

I rarely use my Facebook account these days. I use WhatsApp mostly for personal and family reasons. While I’m still using Facebook as my special purposes vehicle, for research and development, I’m mostly using Instagram to promote my little biz. Interestingly, all three of these key social media accounts belong to the same company. So, what a coincidence then. Anyway, no matter the reasons I’m using each and every account, I’ve made sure that I’ve linked them all together.

And I’ve made pretty sure that I’ve linked them all up to my main business website. People can contact me and leave queries and important messages in my overnight bag if you will because, as you know, the internet never sleeps. Hashtags kept me awake for a while. I was intrigued to learn more. The best way was to simply practice. Practice makes perfect, right? Now, as I said earlier, there are two neat ways you can use your hashtag to draw in the followers.

With the first one, I’m quite lucky. I have a way with words. The thing is to be creative and knock them out with your words, words that just cannot be missed. Words that stand out and get others to say; why didn’t I think of that. They ‘like’ it so much that they tag it onto their own social media accounts. Word gets around that I’m, well, around. The second hashtag exercise is pretty much like linking.

While you’ll still be self-promoting yourself regularly, you’ll also be cross-promoting your work. Not only do you link your goods to other online sites, you take it offline too. Today, it’s quite popular and trendy to see hashtags displayed on print ads, store signage and cash register receipts. Whatever new product or service you’re promoting, it must link or tag back to your original page or Instagram bio page.

Finally, if you urgently need overnight support, you can also purchase Instagram followers as a direct reflection of your business and service offerings.

How We All Benefit From Buying Instagram Followers

Forgive my modesty, but I’ve always maintained; if I can do it, then so can you. If I could get this far in life, then who knows just how far you can go. Anyway, not to get too carried away but here’s a quick story on how you can all benefit when and while you get more Instagram followers onto your platform (they used to call it a page). Maybe there’s a better way of putting it. Let’s call this a listing of statistical advantages then.

If you want to be the best then you need to walk, talk and play with the best. Let’s just say that currently, you’re on the right page if you’ve chosen Instagram as your main social media account. Because guess what. At the time of writing this post, it’s one of the best. Nearly a billion, that’s right, nearly a billion people are using Instagram. And how many billion people are actually living in the world today?

That’s phenomenal! Ask any superstar at random, the Hollywood walk of fame can be a lonely and arduous one. Many of them are using Instagram to actively promote their lifestyles and the next billion-dollar movie project. And many more who do not yet have their own star continue to boost their fame through buying their followers. As I said earlier, if I can do this, then so can you. I’ll be honest with you.

I’ve always been fairly slow with learning how to utilize new tools. But it didn’t take long for me to get the hang of Instagram. That it’s user-friendly and compatible, of course, does help. Services attached to the Instagram business are also said to be great. Like using a service provider to buy your followers and then simply sitting back and watching. Watching the number grow? Speaking of the numbers.

As a growing business concern, you need to see numbers churn at a rate faster than you ate your chili dog. A rate that gets to keep your business viable. A case of keeping the doors open until the next quarter at least, at which time you can, let’s just say, take stock. Realize the practice of buying your own Instagram followers, real or auto-generated, as a good return on your investment. There’s some encouragement ahead for cash-strapped readers, I suppose.

But I’d still be wary of this if I were you and if you can help it. I learned my lesson the hard way long before social media became the buzzword. And you know what they used to say back then? Beware of cheap imitations. Anyway, the point is that cash-strapped consumers can afford to buy Instagram followers. But my point is that I’d want to research the service provider quite thoroughly before I’m stuck with a real dud.

Finally, just as quick as it takes to add in the new followers, the buy-in process allows you to get your message across a lot quicker than conventionally.

How Does Instagram Work?

There are many people out there who are trying to better understand sites like Instagram and Facebook and are constantly trying to gain what they need and how they want to have the followers that are going to make the biggest difference for all of it. Instagram can feel confusing when it comes to getting started on the platform, but it doesn’t have to be that way and you can learn a lot about what you’re going to want to try and do.

For example, what’s up with the option to buy real Instagram followers on websites? This sort of service can be really beneficial for many people because it allows you to start to get a following when you just have a few pictures on your site. As a new person on the site, gaining followers is important and, if you want people to check out what you’re doing, then this can be a great way to do it.

Another consideration is hashtags. A lot of people don’t completely get how they work, but the fact of the matter is, they are going to be one of the biggest ways for you to get the followers that you want as well. Hashtags help to separate pictures into groups. If you click on a hashtag that is on a picture, then you can go and check out all of the recent and most popular pictures that are found under that hashtag. There are even options on Instagram now that allow you to follow hashtags so that you can always know exactly what is going on there.

Filters are another foreign thing for many people who are trying Instagram for the first time, and this is definitely something that people want to be able to understand. In short, filters are there to help you get a little more creative and artsy with what you’re doing, which can be really useful when you’re trying to get people to check out the pictures that you’re putting together.

Lastly, Instagram is meant to be a community. Chatting with people, leaving comments and seeing what may be going on in the greater Instagram community is not only helpful, but it can be fun for you to do as well. You have so many different ways in which to get this all accomplished that you want to be sure that you look at what may be involved here and how much you want to do to stay ahead of the game.

Look into Instagram and learn what you can about it. More often than not, you’ll find that you feel more confident and prepared as you work things out and start using the platform more often. Really look into what is going on there, seek out solutions that are going to make sense and know that there are answers to work with. In the end, that’s going to be what makes the biggest difference and helps you out there most, too.