Getting More Followers Onto Instagram Page Is A Hash But Fun Job

I like the hash. It’s good for my high-strung nerves. I have a really cool doctor who writes me a prescription and it’s off to the pharmacy I go. Of course, not all pharmacies or drug stores stock the stuff. Not all doctors are into the stuff either. So, how did I end up finding out about its availability and accessibility?

The best and most noticeable came to my attention. This was done through the creative use of the hashtag. It’s a great online tool to use to pull people closer to your work or cause.

Another key way on how to get followers on Instagram accounts is through linking. I’ve made sure of this by keeping all three of my social media accounts – Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp – closely aligned, and linked. It’s like keeping two separate bank accounts, one for personal use and the other for business purposes. But the two stay closely linked together.

I rarely use my Facebook account these days. I use WhatsApp mostly for personal and family reasons. While I’m still using Facebook as my special purposes vehicle, for research and development, I’m mostly using Instagram to promote my little biz. Interestingly, all three of these key social media accounts belong to the same company. So, what a coincidence then. Anyway, no matter the reasons I’m using each and every account, I’ve made sure that I’ve linked them all together.

And I’ve made pretty sure that I’ve linked them all up to my main business website. People can contact me and leave queries and important messages in my overnight bag if you will because, as you know, the internet never sleeps. Hashtags kept me awake for a while. I was intrigued to learn more. The best way was to simply practice. Practice makes perfect, right? Now, as I said earlier, there are two neat ways you can use your hashtag to draw in the followers.

With the first one, I’m quite lucky. I have a way with words. The thing is to be creative and knock them out with your words, words that just cannot be missed. Words that stand out and get others to say; why didn’t I think of that. They ‘like’ it so much that they tag it onto their own social media accounts. Word gets around that I’m, well, around. The second hashtag exercise is pretty much like linking.

While you’ll still be self-promoting yourself regularly, you’ll also be cross-promoting your work. Not only do you link your goods to other online sites, you take it offline too. Today, it’s quite popular and trendy to see hashtags displayed on print ads, store signage and cash register receipts. Whatever new product or service you’re promoting, it must link or tag back to your original page or Instagram bio page.

Finally, if you urgently need overnight support, you can also purchase Instagram followers as a direct reflection of your business and service offerings.