What I Did To Get More Followers On My Instagram Account

Hi, I’m just one of the millions. It could be a billion. Has that number been reached already? I’m also one of the millions that believe that sharing is caring. It’s happening a lot on social media networks these days, isn’t it? It’s one sure-fire way to gain followers on your Instagram account. There are other ways too, and I’ll get to just a few of them in a minute.

People share the happening stories of the day. Many people do it for the attention. But I sincerely believe that they also do it because they care. A roadside accident is witnessed. A lost puppy is found. The story and news gets shared. Instagram is one good way to pass on or share important messages.

It’s helpful when you consider the need to communicate effectively. Broadly speaking and even locally, not everyone speaks the same language as you do. And what is it that they say about a picture being worth a thousand words? It’s clear, it’s vivid, and everyone understands the emotions being captured at above-said roadside accident and with the long lost puppy.

This now leads me to two massively popular ways on how to get more followers on Instagram.  There is a third way, and I will get to that too. If there were any time left over, I could have mentioned a few more effective, workable ways to pull more followers onto your Instagram account. One good way to pull in the crowds is to go local. The second way is to take active part in the network’s most popular and best trending conversations for the day. And the third way? They say you can buy followers too nowadays.

Join that conversation and see how it all unfolds. This what I did to gain in popularity purely for business reasons. On the business level, needing to up my game in terms of aggressively high numbers following what I’m doing via Instagram, I bought into a service provider’s offerings to help me gain followers instantly. But before the business, I focused on the local. I learned a new trick when working with tags.

To focus on your local area, you do what they call ‘geo-tagging’. Quickest way to do that is to work with your ‘places’ tab in your selected search engine. This is good for business use too because now you get to see what locals are thinking and chatting about and you get to exploit that with your next social media marketing campaign.

Apart from the straightforward buying of your Instagram followers, there’s no overnight way to gain a massive following. It takes time to make new friends. And not everyone has the select personality to become the most popular kid on the block. But you can join the ranks of the popular by joining the crowd. You do that by simply joining the conversation and hash tagging your way to the top of the rankings.